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Take a moment, 30 seconds will do. Breathe in slowly, hold it there for a second, slowly let your breath out. Repeat if you wish.

Imagine being able to quiet the mind of the past, present and future echoes.


Perhaps these thoughts have been causing you distress in your life. Becoming vulnerable to these thoughts can cause additional hardships, and becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable is difficult. However, the good news is that you already possess the skills needed to address these issues. During our time together, I will help you to uncover and practice these skills in order to live a more clear headed and focused life.

You are in control of your therapy, every step of the way. I approach therapy with empathy, validation and drawing on your strengths and want to meet you where you are at in your life. I draw from therapeutic approaches that include;Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT - emotional regulation, distress tolerance, mindfulness & interpersonal effectiveness), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT - challenging your thoughts that have been leading to emotional and behavioural difficulty) as well as trauma informed practices.

My background, as a Provisional Registered Psychologist includes working with anxiety, depression, panic, ADHD, OCD, substance abuse, personality disorders and trauma. I appreciate your willingness to seek a conversation. Let's start the chat, call for your free consultation. 

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