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I am a Registered Provisional Psychologist with The College of Alberta Psychologists. I would identify as a client-centered, narrative therapist, offering a humanistic approach to counseling.

Therapy is an unmapped terrain; the process can be slow at times, and fast paced sporadically. I focus on exploring solutions and advocating for each individual. I want to ensure your values and unique family culture are respected and preserved as we work together.


How does it work?

“…Narrative therapists help clients discover their personal narrative. This allows the client to explore events in their lives and the meanings they have placed on these experiences…” I like to begin with a brief consultation to learn about your needs and see if I will be a good fit. From there, we start with an initial session where I try to learn about your life’s story (narrative). This is an opportunity for me to assess and navigate the course of our work together. I will formulate a direction with therapeutic goals. We will discuss this map, and with your input we can come up with a plan that fits your needs, timeframe and identified goals.

Primary areas include attachment, child development/trauma, parenting, family conflict, emotional regulation, life stressors, self-worth, body image, relationship stressors, grief/loss, bereavement.

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